Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Krystal Krunch at Hogwarts!

In between workshops getting lunch at the Hogwarts cafeteria

Hello!! Sorry it has been a long while since our last posting!!

Yesterday KK was at Hogwarts, aka Pomona College, presenting 2 very brand new workshops for Mark Allen's graphic design and performance students.

Here is our blurb from each of the workshops. Thank you to all the Pomona students for being fully present and open.

Swinging to the “B Side”: Psychic Design
What’s the B side of your best design? What’s unrevealed, yet to come, underappreciated? In this class, psychic duo Krystal Krunch will lead you through guided exercises to help you turn up the magic in your best work to produce more hits, more wonder.
You will learn how to meditate to get into a receptive state, collaborate with a partner for a psychometric reading on your best work, and practice some all-too literal shape shifting as you unlock new ideas from your highest design self.
Bring a copy of your best design, a notebook, a blanket or towel if you need to stay warm during meditation, and a pair of blunt scissors.

Mini Lives, Mini Masquers: Past Life Regression and Micro Theater
Go deeper deeper deeper into your performance life as Krystal Krunch takes you back in time to a “past life” from which you will channel a short theater work in the form of site-specific tableaux with gesture and minimal text. Whether you were Abraham Lincoln or a pomegranate, you will enjoy this easy, seductive journey into the images, ideas, and speech that underpin your performance practice.
Bring a blanket (pillows too, if you need them), notebook, pen and an object that has special meaning for you, that is charged, full of life for you. Costumes welcome!

 Note: KK will not really hypnotize you, but allow you to be open to suggestion, imagination.