Wednesday, March 14, 2012

..we need to invest in radical (and fun) ways of seeing each other.

Below is an excerpt from a recent grant proposal that we put together. It reflects our thoughts and hopes for what we do : )

"Our workshops are filled with remarkable moments of surprise, revelation, and wonder as participants learn that they can readily “see” the interior life of another, often of a total stranger.

As people involved in arts and activism, Tanaka and Hartman noticed that although social media has made it easier for people to connect online, media has also had a role in making it more difficult for people to connect emotionally.  At the same time, many are searching for ways to construct a value system that privileges people over property and new ways of addressing political differences beyond lobbing salvos across, for example, a left right political divide. Krystal Krunch proposes that if we are going to sustain radical change, we need to invest in radical (and fun) ways of seeing each other. In our workshops, people of diverse backgrounds, ages, and walks of life have had the experience of partnering with another, learning to discern their partner’s disposition and desires while at the same time recognizing when they are forming an opinion and when they are receiving accurate information.

We also noticed that many people alienated from religious and spiritual models are nonetheless yearning for the same sense of joy that can arise from being in reciprocity with the world around us, that which is known and that which is yet to be understood. In our workshops, we offer a bridge to these experiences by rooting our explorations in pragmatic, humorous activities around the human quest to know others and ourselves. We use play, energetic exchange, imagination and sensory building exercises and the colorful practice of “psychic reading” to overcome social anxiety as well as stark positional differences we often labor to overcome through other means."